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is. >> deep freechltz it's the kind of cold we rarely see in the bay area. freeze. what are the anybody's doing to keep warm. in the sierra already
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snowing and chains and snow tires are required on most highways heading into the mountains. good evening. it's all part of arctic air mass that is moving into california tonight. spencer is here with live doppler 7hd this is the coon of cold we do not get too often in the bay area. certainly not this early in the season. >> you are right about that dan. we rarely get this kind of cold weather but it's very cold tonight. let's look at live doppler 7hd. you can see we have mainly clear skies right now an temperatures are plummeting. this is a look at our freeze warning area now this warning is in effect from 2:00 a.m. tomorrow to 9 am thursday. for the north bay ka straits and delta look for low pressure to drop into the 20's overnight. possible damage to sensitive plant and exposed pipe. now beyond that we have expanded freeze warning for larger portion of the bay area. virtually all in the bay area except san francisco wednesday tonight 9:00 o'clock into thursday morning at 9:00 o'clock. sub freezinging
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temperature spreading south ward and increased risk of hypothermia. here's a look at the expected low pressure tonight as we look live at the san francisco sky line from exploring camera. here's look at just few cold spots low will drop down to 29 at santa rosa overnight 27 at nap a.31 at fairfield concord 30 livermore and 28 at gilroy. so you can see we have some very, very cold weather coming our wait a minute i have a look at complete accu-weather 7 day forecast and how long this cold snav snap will last a little bit later. >> thanks very much see you shortly. >> when the temperature drops this much this fast there are a lot of steps to take to protect people pets and plants. we have team coverage for you tonight beginning with 7 news reporter lean. >> people in san rafael went from spring lake weather to feeling the cold north bay winter in less than 24 hours. for some people it was a mad rush to buy enough wood to keep warm for the next few days. >> we have an older classic house in mill valley in the
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foot hells of mount tam and we, we just need some wood. >>reporter: business at this fire wood in novato had been slow until today. many home opens were his busy trying to protect their plants from the frost. steve is a farm advisor who says people must remember to cover and water their plant plants. >> the water that you put in when it is not frozen will be radiating a little bit of heat out and all it takes is a little bit of heat to keep the plants tissues from freezing at night. >> keep working stay warm. >>reporter: michael did what he could to stay warm. he was out doors all day selling christmas trees. the homeless population in san rafael is perhaps the most vulnerable during these cold nights. >> each night they will be taken to different congregation in marin. we have 19 host congregations p.our guest will sleep open the floor and have a dinner and be protected from the elements. >>reporter: they will have enough room for 40 men and 20
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women. in san rafael, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> want to take you now to the east bay where space heaters were anything off the shelves today. here's carolyn tyler. >> cold snap can damage a warm weather pleasure. your swimming pool. if it's heated with solar panel now is the time to shut off the system. >> the water in the panels when it gets down to 24, 25 degrees they will freeze and the tube in the panel split open. >> so-so lar service has been busy draining the panel at homes like this one martinez. the orchard supply hardware store in livermore stocked up on space heaters. from inexpensive to fancy and we are told fire wood is also a big seller. and if you are cold today imagine children with no coat. contra costa county supervisor john joy is collecting new coats for all
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365 students at low income elementary school in richmond. >> when we are out there we see many of these children without coats and especially in this cold weather it makes you understand the importance of being properly clothed so you are ready to learn. >> for 5 years now joy and his staff have collected hoodie, veingt and jacket and received thank you letters from return. he still need nearly 200 coats in time for christmas this year. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> winter has unofficially arrived at the sierra still couple week away but snow falling much of the day and temperatures there are expected to drop to the single digit even below zero. as much as 6 inches is expected at lick level. chains snow tires required at both interstate 80 and highway 50 into the tahoe basin. here's the blast of cold that hit reno today. turned into a road snarling snowstorm. look at the man
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with the shovl and slip sliding away on the road. traffic was tangled. both on the streets of reno and interstate 80. dozens of accidents reported. 5 to 8 inches of snow fell today there. school was cancelled and students were sent home early. >> so weather is changing. reminder 7 news weather app has latest bay area weather alert down load it free of charge at 7 slash apps. >> well the weather has certainly been a major factor in the search for silicon valley businessman and 4 members of his family. small plane disappeared sunday in idaho on flight between baker city other again and butte, montana a but friends relatives here in the bay area are holding out hope that they will be found alive. here's vick lee. >> he goes down to mexico with doctors across borders those type organizations so he does a lot of voluntary support. >>reporter: he said his business partner dale smith was
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not only charitable and generous. but also a good pilot. it. >> he has been flying for some 8 years. >> hopefully laid down somewhere and doesn't have any cell phone contact in the middle of nowhere. >>reporter: maybe the plane made a soft landing and everyone was all right. earlier today a ray of hope emerged. rescue plane detected something. >> search rescuers were able to pick up a very weak elt transmitter broadcast from the downed aircraft. this has helped them to narrow the area for which they are searching however darkness is approachin approaching. >>reporter: searches unable to find the plane. smith piloted his beach bonanza 6 seater which lost rid arrest and cell tower contact sunday in central idaho. he was flying from oregon to beauty, montana smith an experienced pilot reported engine trouble. he radio controllers to help him get to a small back country landing
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strip called johnson creek airstrip. that was the last contact. the on board with smith his daughter amber and her fiance jonathan norton. smith so that daniel shown here on the left and his wife. smith and his family had just spent thanksgiving at his parent's home in oregon. >> he was just taking his son and his daughter back. son back to butte, montana a and daughter back to the idaho where she goes school with her fiance. >>reporter: after dropping them off smith was going back to oregon to pick up his wife and other daughter and 2 younger sons and bring them back to san jose. the search resumes tomorrow st weather permitting. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> well there was a rally outside fundraiser for the sonoma couldn't district attorney with protestors angry over the investigation into the shooting death of a boy by a sheriff's deputy. protest trors demanding an indictment in the case of 15-year-old andy lopez who was carrying a pellet gun that lacked lick an ak 47
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when deputy eric shot him on october 22. they put pressure on the district attorney jill ravage to take action. >> let her know that she does not do the necessary things that there's no vote from us. >>reporter: sonoma county board of supervisors discussed the case today forming a task forc to look into the shooting and making a move toward putting lapel camera on sheriff's deputy among other measures to increase the police activity and awareness what's going on out on the street. board looking at purchasing the vacant lot where young lopez died and turning it into community park. >> we have more to come here on 7 news at 9:00. stay here with me. bart dispute escalates to whole new level. tonight 2 big union now demanding bart live up to a multi-million dollar mistake. tichlts plans for another expansion of bay area
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bike sharing program. we take a lack at just how popular it has really turned out to be. >> and operation santa and micro philanthropy. holiday spirit without a middle
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>> on friday abc 7 news broke the story of bart union planning to sue the district and today that suit was actually filed. union claim the board broke state law when it removed one item from the ratified deal. so could another strike be coming? here's transportation reporter heather. >> after circuits san francisco labor counsel describes what led up to the lawsuit this way. >> in all the years of looking at collective bargaining we have never seen anything quite like this. >>reporter: lawsuit filed in alameda county superior court says it was illegal for the bart board to unilaterally remove a single item from the ratified contract then offer it to the union on take it or leave it basis. >> they must honor the total final agreement. we are asking a courto enforce at the time employer obligation to do so.
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>>reporter: the lawsuit isn't needed and it will delay a resolution to this labor dispute. disputed contract was reached after 6 months of painful negotiations and 2 strikes. the union ratified it but then bart says it discovered a clause on family leave was signed by mistake. section 4.8 gives workers 6 week of paid family medical leave. bart says the legal paper trail shows the district rejected it twice. it never intended to agree to it because it makes the deal far too expensive. there are way that is we could implement that language that would be acceptable, we believe to both parties. they are not willing to entertain that discussion. >>reporter: both side say they want to bargain a rest logs but the union have not heard from bart since before the disputed vote removing the leave clause. >> general manager did reach out to union leadership shortly after finding the mistake tl asked to sit down and have a conversation about it. those request have gone unanswered. >>reporter: while the union
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are not planning a strike, they are not ruling it out either. >> there has to be a point where compromise is made because no longer being beneficial to anyone. you are actually harming your community. >>reporter: the state mediator is still active and could play a role in getting everyone back to the bargaining table. heather, abc 7 news. >> new clinic opened in redwood city one day after the original opening was delayed, planned parenthood. protestors have been picketing the clinic. officials say the delayed opening had nothing to did with those protests. but was in steady because some equipment simply wasn't ready. those opposing the clinic claim it will negatively impact businesses and property value in the air. >> air management distribute says it's planning what it calls a full expansion of a bike sharing pilot program. since launched the bake share has signed up 3200 annual members and more than 10,000
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casual users collectively they travel more than 7 times the distance around the world if you can believe that. right now there are 700 bikes available. 24 hours a day 7 day as week at 70 stations between san francisco and san jose. it will expand to 1,000 bike at 100 stations by early next year. in other words, really big hit. put on a helmet and ride. >> and park a. back with the weather. >> we have some winter like weather coming. almost like east coast winter weather. >> bite. >> very biting. with big teet teeth. here's live doppler 7h 7hd. teeth in place. the cold air has arrived and it's even getting colder. will get colder overnight. clear sky right now of course. hears a live view of downtown san francisco from our exploring camera. current temperature readings 49 degrees in san francisco. 47 at oakland and
9:17 pm
mid low to mid from is from redwood city to san jose to half machine bay and live view from the east bay camera emeryville along the bay bridge west ward up from at napa. mid 40's novato fairfield and livermore and live view along the bay bridge from south east camera in downtown san francisco. these are forecast feature freezing warning begins tonight and extend for a couple overnight ahead even colder weather will arrive tomorrow night and winter mix is possible for the bay area friday saturday which means our bay area peek may sea some snow flake. movement of the cold front came through this morning with light scattered showers and big change of course is that cold air following the cold front freezing cold tonight will be with us tonight and tomorrow night over much of the bay area start our forecast animation 4:00 o'clock thursday afternoon as the second wave of cold air comes n.the same wave just colder. low pressure system to our north will drop south ward producing snow in
9:18 pm
the mountains and down in the sierra. cold showers move into the bay area by the end of the week on friday and we have low snow level as well. so the high could see snow flake. in the sierra we have a winter storm watch if effect friday morning to saturday afternoon. sierra west slope will receive 6 to 12 inches of snow. even foot hills above 1,000 feet will receive 2 to 6 inches of snow and expect to travel delay if going into or trying to get out of that area. back to the bay area officer knight tonight. mostly clear sky temperatures dropping into the upper 20's at napa and santa rosa. clover dale. inland east bay below freezing at fairfield at concord. livermore low of 30 degrees down south morgan hill low of 29 expected. high pressure tomorrow on the chilly side many inland locations like antioch livermore concord we see high pressure tomorrow only in the upper 40's. most other locations we see high right around 50 or 51 degrees and here's the accu-weather 7 day
9:19 pm
forecast. it doesn't get much better. we have even colder weather overnight tonight into thursday morning then showers cold showers arrive on friday and continue into saturday morning at which point we may have a winter mix of some snow in our higher elevation. accumulating snow but snow nonetheless and another cold morning under clear skies on sunday morning temperatures bounce back up to 50 or 52 degrees. >> what a warm-up. my gosh. >> let's go to the beach. >> so cold weather remind us this is the holiday season and time we can really reach out an help others. >> yes. >> to that end we team up with our local feeding america food bank and you can help. we really need to you get involved. go to the 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. spencer out today in emeryvill emeryville. helping gather food at the food bank with each
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pledge you will donate we will donate 1 dollar in your honest to the feeding america food bank. up to 75,000 dollars and good deed could be reverdicted too. everyone who takes a pledge will be entered to win 7000 dollars cash money on the barrel head. winner will be announced on december 19 so please spread the love and help us give where you live. really weren't to help those in need this the holiday season. thank you. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. amazing creation by artist using an i-pad. yes that is morga
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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>> you have to check this out. 26-year-old artist in england used an i-pad and finger painting program called pro create to make realistic important pratt of actor morgan 43 man. >> he spent 200 hours on the painting. 285,000 brush stroke included the hair in free free man beard and detail in the lips. lack at the lines in his lips. about three years ago lambert did i-pad painting of singer beyonce. you have to spend a lot of time to get that result. >> well there is an easy way to be one of santa helpers this holiday season. and take part at yearly tradition to help deserving children. postal service launch the national letters to santa program here in the bay area. people invited to go to the post office in san francisco or oakland and select letter to santa and fulfill the gift request. people say they are surprised at many of the request are for basic new
9:25 pm
england or even something for relative not for the child -- necessity. >> it's good for the community because it keeps the joy of the holiday and santa alive >> last year we got over 5000 letters and we actually fulfilled 1700 letters last year which is a record breaker for us. >>reporter: postal service hopes to beat the record this year and answer at least 2000 letters. wouldn't that be terrific. >> stay here with me. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. up next. mid-air sky diving accident. dangerous collision that involved 3 people. >> also. tracking the plume. how one bay area county is taking a close look at the radioactive water that may drifting here from japan. >> also the rights of freak wept fliers may you. supreme court steps in and indicates how it is going to indicates how it is going to rule. another half hour of abc
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[ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> 3 people collided while sky diving late this afternoon near phoenix. police say 2 are dead. third person was injured but the person injuries are not believed to be too serious. the sky divers had the parachute open and 200300 feet above the ground when they collided. this accident happened at training facility about 60 miles south of phoeni phoenix. again one injured but not too badly. sadly, 2 kille killed. >> we know more tonight about what a taken operator was doing in the moments before that train derailed in new york sunday morning. sources close to the investigation say that the driver told investigators that he fell that a semi conscious state while at the controls basically nodded off. he was reportedly jolted awake
9:30 pm
and jam on the brake but all too late. matt is in new york. >>reporter: 15 year veteran of the railroad, train engineer william rockefeller junior told ntsb investigators he didn't apply the brakes while heading into a sharp turn. officials tell abc news rockefeller zoned out. new york governor cuomo said this to local public radio station. >> this is now a very serious situation. the operator has rights but also liability question. >> we have a major train wreck 5 cars on the side multiple victims. >>reporter: federal investigators say the train was traveling 82 miles per hour in a curve stretch of track zoned for 30. the brake weren't applied until seconds before the train came to a stop. >> simply put based on these data there's no indication that the brake systems were not
9:31 pm
functioning properly. >>reporter: overnight a vigil at the crash site for the 4 killed in the wreck. james ferrari heading to work as building supervisor. a nurse heading home from the night shift. donna smith on her way to see her sister's coral performance and james love an nbc technician traveling to rockefeller center to test the christmas tree. >> just the best father i could ever ask for. always supportive. >>reporter: alcohol test for the train engineer have come back negative. investigators say his cell phone was off at the time of the crash. matt abc news new york. >> the in southern california the autopsy was completed today on actor paul walker and his friend roger rodas. results not available. new video show the moment oychl packet. watch there. see the trees moving to the side violently during the impact and then shortly after word a plume of smoke starts pouring up. the crash site turned into a massive memorial. it is so big authorities set up cone to direct traffic
9:32 pm
around it. last tonight actor vin diesel stopped by and told the crowd that he was moved by their show of support. >> all of you have showed up to show my brother love, show the love that you have shown paul about is going to stay with me forever. i weren't to say thank you. thank you for come down here. >>reporter: universal studio announce this afternoon it would donate a portion of proceeds from the fast and furious 6 movie to walker charity. reach out worldwide which helps network first rae responders when natural disaster strike. >> group of south korean veteran demanding release of 85-year-old palo alto man held in north korea. veterans were members of gorilla group supervised by new man during the korean war. they were waiting for him at international airport near zole the day after he was forced off
9:33 pm
a plane there. the vets remember him as handsome thin lieutenant who got them rice clothes and weapons. 85-year-old was seen on north korean state television last weekend apologizing for alleged wartime crimes wide withly seen as coerced statement. >> marin county will begin monitoring a radioactive plume that may drifting toward the west coast. that plume is from the cripple fukushima a nuclear plant damaged by earthquake and tsunami in march of 2011. 2 marin county supervisor have directed the county public health safety coastal staff to track this. experts say they don't know when contaminated ocean water might reach the west coast and there is no threat now apparently. there is concern because of the importance of the ocean obviously to our food supply. radioactive water leaking from the reactor is being kept in storage bin but experts say it will eventually be rae leased into the sea. they weren't to monitor it to make surety very
9:34 pm
least if it comes this way they know about it. >> well detroit is now the largest american city ever to qualify for bankruptcy protection. today federal court judge ruled that detroit was in solvent and the pension check retire could be cut during bankruptcy proceeding cawshl part of the decision. ruling came after 9 day trial and 4 months after the city filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection. under today ruling detroit will now be allowed to search for way to pay off 18 billion dollars in city debt. >> dna testing company 23 and me is facing a class action lawsuit. silicon valley start up accused of misleading customers about the test kit. that suit comes after the food and drug administration ordered 23 and me to stop sales of its personalize tests. the agency was concerned that test could return inaccurate results and lead consumer to undergo unnecessary health procedures. 23 and me insist it doesn't
9:35 pm
comment on legal matters. >> if minnesota man kicked off northwest airlines world perk program will likely not be able to sue for getting cut off. man sued claiming it was a cost cutting decision however the airline says it's because of abuse. north west cited seven month period in which that man complained 24 times and was rewardd with thousands of dollars in cash and travel miles. today the supreme court hinted that they would rule against him sailing lawsuit would go against airline deregulation set to keep the market competitive. >> well, you will soon be able to pre-apply on lane for expedited screening airport security line after filling out the on line application you will have to visit application center in los angeles, new yor york, washington, d.c. or indianapolis eventually 300 application centers across the country. those approved get through security with the shoes belt and light outer wear on and with the lap top in their
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cases. the application fee is the 85 dollars. >> well coming up next. what has love got to do with having a baby. you meet the parents who believe more in contract with strangers than they do in romance. when it comes to having a
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>> miss rogers long time chef of san francisco sooip cafe died. she had struggled with her health for years and last winter she was diagnosed with rare form of cans are. she started cooking in the 70's after being inspired by berkeley chef alice walters. after stint in france and new york rodgers returned to san francisco to work at this cafe.
9:40 pm
james beard foundation named the cafe 2003 outstanding restaurant in america and rodgers herself outstanding chef award year later. she was only 57 years old. >> the well it is the new spin on the american family. when asked what is important in life 52 percent of young adults say being a good parent. only 30 percent say having a successful marriage. so what does that mean for family. here's fv david wright on something new that is happening in the country. >>reporter: from a-year-old rachel hope is ready to be a mother again. >> i'm trying to get pregnant. the beginning of 2014. >>reporter: but she has no idea who the father will be. she's not looking for love. she wants a co-parent. >> if you are blessed to meet soul mate and you just gel and it works and you have children that's ideal. no one disputing that. but what about the rest of us? that didn't meet that person or not in time?
9:41 pm
>>reporter: she already has 2 kids from 2 different fathers. 22-year-old jessie whose dad was her best friend growing up. >> grace bring it over here. >>reporter: 4-year-old grace whose father is her current house mate paul. >> grace is perfect for me. of one is okay. i'm 67 next birthday here sorry, rachel is lacking for a new dad on line. >> i'm raising her with my co-parenting partner paul whom i met through this. >>reporter: name is maureen of moderate he were and family. >> it's a database people ready to be parents. how easy? >>reporter: this is one of number of new sites matching co-parents. could the pat i believe partner for create ago child. basically facebook for fetus. >> did he faint fetus. >>reporter: dating site that cuts straight to the divorce. >> what happens when they do meet that perfect somebody. >> see a lawyer get co-parenting agreement. get back ground check. health check make sure everything is okay. discuss how you are going to get presenting
9:42 pm
"newsnight"and financial cost and custody. >>reporter: more than 5000 people have signed up on this site alone and there are other co-parenting sites, too. legally it's uncharted territory. lawyers we spoke with said making baby this way could be full of potential pitfall. doesn't bother rache rachel. sounds a little bit unromantic >> it is. i like it that way. >>reporter: she says parenthood is a big decision. too important to base on what could be just a passing fancy. back to you. >> family. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. anonymous tipster leaving generous gr duty. see exactly what they are doing in the spirit of the are doing in the spirit of the ho [ laughter ]
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>> today space x launched a satellite into orbit following 2 failed launches last week. falcon 9 rocket was carrying a communication satellite during this afternoon problem free launch from florida. satellite will help provide high communication service to parts of asia. space x founder musk said last week launch were his cancelled due to small technical glitches just to be safe. today launch was also assert ification flight for the falcon 9. one more mission and the rocket will be eligible to fly for national security. >> well here on ground silicon valley engineer who work on space systems got to test their problem-solving skills today. lock head martin challenge them to a down to earth project building a car in one day start to finish. business technology reporter david lou has the story. >> lifting off a tarp not as dramatic as spacecraft lift off
9:47 pm
routine part of the work because these injuries couldn't be happier about how this day long project ended. >> i'm amanda and i'm a rocket design manager here at lockheed martin. >>reporter: what do you know about building a car. >> sear oyshtion that's how the 200 engineers started out their day. the goal to build a car ready to go 100 miles per gallon. team building exercise to aspire the jersey to rev up the creative joo just and be better problem solvers. >> it men fail irs not an option. they have to very quickly pick up the task. find their way through it. make sure they are doing it correctly the first time because there's really no time to cycle back through it. even in the normal product we build take much longer that still truism that they have to live with. >>reporter: this wasn't designed to be a simple assembly process. curves thrown in to create challenges. >> we have about 4 instances of error in the drive assembly so we have to aquus where the tires are. auses where the wheel assembly are and where
9:48 pm
the engine is. very important. >> easierp the body. >>reporter: car itself is prototype created by an organization working toward highly efficient commuter car. paid 25,000 dollars to take this team assembled vehicle home. by working all day as a team lockheed martin employee hope to walk away with new skills to use in the daily work. >> my group does a lot of supply change strategy so if we can see how things are built. see what the parts do that our group is buying, it really helps us understand what, how we contribute to the organization. >>reporter: in sunnyvale, david louie abc 7 news. >> so suck says. no must donor are living thousands of dollars in tips at restaurants all over the country. and documenting the whole thing on instagram. at least 2 of those giant tips have been left at san francisco restaurants including one at harris steak house. last month someone sitting at this very table you are lacking at left a 1500 dollar tip simply tips for
9:49 pm
jesus. bartender bus boy and hostess tipped out got the share but the bulk went to the waiter. >> especially during the holiday it's a great thing to see some of these people that work really hard all year long get something like that. it's coon of a surprise. >> sure was. two months ago the server attack 0in marina district got similar tip for 1,000 dollars. today the restaurant owner told us that no one could remember who left it. but since tips are shared among the entire staff, of they were all pretty happy. very generous. >> all right let's go back one last time to talk about the company. generous tipper. >> thank you very much i think i'm about to become a weather server in search of tips. here deposit done clear sky it's getting cold around the bay area. how cold? livermore as measure of what we can expect in the inland valley over the next 7 days. life
9:50 pm
more 28. bouncing back up to 37 saturday morning still pretty chilly then plummeting to 26 on sunday. 28 on monday morning and that's pretty much the pattern we see in our inland valley over the next 7 days. state wide chilly day with precipitation in the sierra snow of course. high will be at or just above 50 degrees at cheek oshtion sacramento, fresno. 51 at monteray. high of 26 and 28 take oh, and bay area chilly as well with sunny skies. high reach only to the upper 40's to just low 50's across the bay area tm. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast we have several chilly days coming our way. thursday friday saturday and sunday. high pressure inland will be only in the 40's overnight low will bounce back a little bit saturday morning but plummet again on sunday monday morning in for a cold spell here in the bay area. maybe even some snow friday saturday in the highest bay area peak. certainly written down at sea level. possibly even few snow flake in the
9:51 pm
higher peak. >> doesn't happen very often. working for tip for this forecast. >> won't get any. >> sports director larry is here lots to talk about. >> feels like toronto like weather. >> it does. >> speaking of which we look at schedules tonight canadian connection starting with the warriors app the raptors. warriors did you know by 27 at home. tv they woke up in the home. tv they woke up in the fourth quarter next in sports.
9:52 pm
a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. aladdin bail bonds. >> we are following the bitter cold chilling the bay area tonight. just how low does it go. update the forecast and how people are preparing for the freezing weather around the bay area. >> and fit mom is at it again but this time her target is firing back. the owners of south bay lingerie company have to say about maria king alleged attack on full figure women.
9:55 pm
those stories and more coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can join us. larry here now with all the sports. >> contained of weird quirk in the schedule here. more than 2200 miles from the bay area toronto canada but 2 hide together with the warriors and shark. both playing the canadian counter part and golden state at home. andre more shots close to come bang from the hamstring injury. here he is my goodness. respecttors shot 60 percent from the field in the first half. kyle way out. they were up 17 after one. curry and 11 barns at 16. warriors down 17 at the half. wake up. clay thompson with cut it to 5. this is the lead. rain bow 3 and it's good. were yours on fire late 109-103 with under
9:56 pm
amendment to go in regulation shark first time in history. 5 game or longer home stand continuing the success in toronto. everybody favorite player. rob. hi buddy. 5 on 3 advantage for san jose. joe feeding gentlemen thornton 2 nothing. but the maple leaf tie in the sec. power play goal. bill to tie it at 2. shark brad stewart off lead defense men with big traffic in front. courtesy with gentlemen and shark win the sixth in a row 4-2 so we could make ate bay area sweep of toronto tonight. seems only fitting that billy bean wheeling and dealing the past couple days. today named major league baseball executive of the year. despite one of the lowest payroll in mlba once won if the past two years. second time
9:57 pm
bean has won award given out by baseball america magazine. today bean acquired relief pitcher from san diego. he's very good addition. sent out field are smith to the pad in return. smith a valuable contributor as utility outfielder and he became expendible because the guys right there made a great throw in gentry acquired from this prospect michael choice and make a lot of moves. it will continue with winter meetings neck week. on to the nfl. seahawks made it mostly clear. the championship goes rate through seattle. they destroyed the saints last nature. seahawks different though when they are on the road. visit the 49 they are sunday. niners out scored 7 71-16 in the last 2 games with seattle. both of those were up there. score was 29-3 seahawks when they met in week 2. niners coach harbaugh was asked whether this sunday game is about revenge. >> never take revenge approach to be honest with you.
9:58 pm
validation. play well we want to win and all these games come down to that. the goal is to win the football game. want to get better when you play game. those 2 factors. >> yes eye always take revenge path. steve was formally introduced as new head football coach. leaving the university of washington returning to the trojan where he was assistant for seven years. now he's in charge trying to restore a program that used to be in the hunt for national championship. >> i will say this. we will not shy away from the expectation here and embrace them. we are hear to within championships. we are here to we know championships. i wouldn't have taken this job just to come home. i came here to win championships and so did all these players. >> proving once again there is nothing like contractual leverage. ucla rae responded by giving jim a 6 year contract
9:59 pm
extension. he led the pwruns to 18-8 record in two seasons. key here the bruins fear that moore would bolt for uw and steve leaving for usc moore once called the washington job his dream job. instead he's staying with ucla. more from the pack 12. oregon quarterback marcus announce he will return to the duck next season. passing up a top 5 opportunity in the upcoming nfl draft red shirt sophomore unfinished business left in college. leaving stanford. thrown for over 3000 yards. 30 touch down just 4 interception so. >> good for the duck absolutely by the way war quarters gym a football. come back with 27 point deficit and they beat toronto. good stuff. >> thanks very much larry. >> has this edition of 7 news hear on coffee tv 20. here's hear on coffee tv 20. here's all of us i'm dan ashley thanks
10:00 pm
pelton [over pa]: it's hard to believe finals are here. and i know during this stressful time, my voice blaring over a pa can't help. which is why, for the next three days, you'll hear nothing but soothing sounds of nature.

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